Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Private Classes: Design Your Own

Put together your own group (how about a birthday party class!) and 
personalize your own workshop!

Having trouble finishing a piece of artwork? Brainstorm with Linda by discussing creative ways to expand your ideas. Her positive encouragement, enthusiasm and creative energy will guide you to complete your project and begin others as well.

 Building Compelling Themes:Photo Transfer and Collage 
March 7  9:30-1,  March 8  9:30-3 

 Do you have a collection of family or theme photos or images that you would like to imaginatively create as an art piece? Let Linda guide you to expand your ideas and "get out of the box". She will introduce techniques such as creative backgrounds, combining drawing and painting with your transfers, and adding text. This class is 1 1/2 days.  $95
 Prerequisite: Photo Transfer 1
                              UPCOMING WORKSHOPS

Introduction to Photo Transfer
SATURDAY, MARCH 2  9:30-1, MONDAY, MARCH 4  9:30-3
 Learn the many methods of transferring photographic or print images to watercolor paper, fabric, tiles, and other surfaces using b/w or color laser copies and ink jet transparencies with solvents, gels and mediums. Explore original techniques for creating transparent effects and the exciting possibilities created by layering transparent images with paint, text, pattern, wax, gold leaf and collage. Now in a two day format!
Includes all materials plus coffee, juice and snacks! All for $95 USD or equivalent MXP! 

 Please leave half the class fee to hold your place at La Connexion BOX 266B on Aldama

For more information please email Linda at: lindasoberman@gmail.com