Sunday, June 10, 2012


Upcoming Workshops in Michigan

June 11 Intro to Photo Transfer  10-1*see description of classes
June 21 Intro to Photo Transfer  10-1 *see description of classes

Hollanders, Ann Arbor, MI:
SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 22 — 11:00 to 5:00
The Art of Photo Transfer – Accordion Book Style with Linda Soberman.
Learn how to transfer photographic or other images onto papers and then apply these images to an accordion book. This method utilizes photo copies and allows you to manipulate and create ethereal/artistic images from any picture.  It is a process you can use to incorporate into a wide range of book forms or combine with other media or create unique art pieces.  In this class you will first learn the process, have experimental time, and then use the images to create a story-line in constructing an accordion style book. Class Fee:  $85 — Materials Fee:  $15

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20 — 10:00 to 5:00
Advanced Photo Transfers Techniques with Linda Soberman.
This workshop teaches more advanced techniques in transfering photographic imagery onto paper, metal, fabric, plexiglass, and more.  Utilizing black and white photo and color (Xerox) copies, you will learn how to easily manipulate and create artistic images from any picture. An earlier class or some experience in the process is recommended for this class.  Students will review the process and then experiment with collage, hand coloring, gold leaf, and other advanced techniques.
Class Fee:  $85 — Materials Fee:  $15

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